Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy MLK day to all!

This is such a great day we get to remember the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and celebrate his legacy and the power of his words. He has had so many great quotes and speeches this is a day to reflect on all. I really admire MLK because he believed that love could conquer hate and that you were only giving power to your oppressor and stooping to such a level if you hated them. Love and hate are such powerful things and ultimately which ever you decide is your choice my opinion is that love is the better choice. When you harbor hate you harbor negativity and negativity becomes you and that is what you teach others that hate is okay but is it not. We need to love more and share it with the world and pass it on you will be surprised how it will come back. Would you really want to spread negativity and hate?

Think about it if you do something negative to another person then they feel better when they do something negative towards another person because it was done to them. Is that the kind of cycle that we want to go around? I will say that we have evolved so much since MLK's days but there is still more work to do as a whole. We forget that people like MLK fought so hard for equal rights and equality and we neglect the fact that us as people now hold the key to making our nation better with love and positivity using our minds and words over guns and violence. Violence solves nothing you get a quick satisfaction to a ongoing problem, I really feel saddened for the people that use this method especially for the African American community ( I am African-American by the way) because MLK worked so had and preached so hard on non-violence he wouldn't be proud of those decisions that are made were violence is concerned.

Enjoy this day no matter what race you are MLK is influential and inspiring to anyone human! Reflect, teach your kids, and think about how you can do better and honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the rights that he gave his life for!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Job searching????

Searching for a new job can be frustrating and even more so with little education, and little work experience but, you can still find employment beyond McDonalds! It can be hard to endure all the rejections before hearing yes and sometimes searching for a job becomes a job in its self! Don't fret take a deep breath and keep in mind the goal at hand to gain employment rather it be a career or something to bring in cash while attending school.

My problem was that I had basically been a stay at home mom and my work experience was outdated. For anyone and any situation there is always a solution. Even if your in your ideal career or just content with your current job read these tips to help out a friend, family member, or even a co-worker complaining about finding a new job!!

1. Make sure your cover letter and resume are direct in expressing what your goal for employment is.
2. Try to tweak your resume and capitalize on all your task if you were a housekeeper but your applying for an office job reword skills so that office personnel understand.
3.Take your resume in even though everything is done online this is your chance to make an impression in person especially if your resume is not that impressive!
4. If you have little work history register with a temp agency and take what they give you work for long enough to add this position to your resume for more work history.
5.may be consider taking a short course related to the field you are wanting to enter this shows employers your knowledge of the position and its tasks.

I hope that these tips are helpful in obtaining employment and good luck don't give up you will succeed the hard work you put in will pay off!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Friends!! How many of us have them?

These days it is hard to find good friends, you know good, honest, positive people who don't judge you in your darkest hours. I have had friends that I considered good friends but we just have grown in different directions in life. I have had back stabbing friends, friends that will kick you when your down and friends who befriend you with malicious intentions. As a result of my experience with those different types of friends I don't have many these days really I can count on one had! I started to ask myself well is it me, but  I thought to myself if my friend tries to date my boyfriend behind my back how could that possibly be my fault.

 I mean maybe I take loyalty a little to serious (I even have loyalty tattooed on my arm!) but, I don't ask for much from a friend don't talk about me maliciously when I'm not there, don't make passes at my boyfriend, don't share the things I tell you in confidence, and don't judge me is that to much? I would hope not but, unfortunately  I have not found a person that could handle those simple things. That is why I would rather be a loner then have friends that secretly plot on my downfall.

 One thing I also have fond out is that a lot of people are for themselves meaning if you are not a benefit for them they want nothing to do with you. I mean who taught us to only look for the benefits you can get from people verses good friendship, good times, and good memories? Our society today is really messed up and I only hope that we can get better and befriend people because we like them as a person not just because they are pretty or they can get you into a celebrity party, or they are rich.

When I call you a friend it will be because you can see the good in me when I cant or because you can still be my friend when I make a bad choice and comfort me instead of judge me. Its simple and that is what a friendship should be simple and effortless do you agree?

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New year New you??????

Tis the season for new years resolutions! For the last 3 to 4 years I gave up on resolutions, I can't remember one that I actually followed through with, and that's okay with me. Even though every year it was pretty much the same thing loose weight!! I am not overweight but it wouldn't hurt to drop 10 to 15 pounds my comfortable weight would be about 130 because that is where I was before kids! After birth I have been laying tug of war with 140-155, but I am not unhappy about that in anyway for the record! I also feel that we shouldn't take this to seriously I mean it's great to have a resolution and follow up with it but, if you don't please don't I repeat don't feel bad or beat yourself up.

We get so caught up in these things and when you see friends or family bragging about their weight lose or following through with a resolution it can put the pressure on. Truth is you can loose weight or kick the bad habit when your ready not just at the beginning of the year, do it when you feel it's right not because you see every store on earth having a new year fitness sale or because your friend learned to live life on the edge! So what I say to you beautiful people NO PRESSURE!
All you can do is do what makes you happy and if you don't drop 10 pounds like your friend don't worry about it your still beautiful and that does not make her/him better, NO PRESSURE!!!!

Where do you want to go?

        WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO????????????

 I have not yet got to travel the world as I panned in my teen years you know before motherhood LOL! I wanted to go to every country and every island imaginable, what is you dream vacation? Mine is to travel to Spain, or The Dominican Republic, or Brazil I love Spanish style homes in little village style communities there is something so charming about that to me I also love the beach I feel a sense of peace whenever I am near one!!

These are some examples of my visions:

Hello Beautiful people

Things that I am obsessed with

This black Fedora hat that can be found at for 54.45! I was never the one to wear hats but as I'm getting older ad my fashion sense has changed (and changes everyday!) I notice that I take more risk and like things that I used to turn my nose up at certain things and styles! This cute hat can be worn with so many outfits you can wear it with a maxi dress or some cute jeans and a flowy top the possibilities are endless and I think every stylish girl should have one!!

These shoes are amazing! You can find these lace up booties by Schutz at Nordstrom for a sale price of $179. These are another one of those items that has endless possibilities like they can be worn on date night, or a night out with the girls, or a special occasion event I mean they are amazing!!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Pay it forward!!

So I'm in the drive through at Taco Bell this past weekend, and I pull to the the window to pay for my  food and the lady says you don't owe me anything?? The man in front of me paid for my food, this is the first time this has happened to me. Even though my order was $3 it face me a good feeling and I was overwhelmed with joy! It seems small but it was such a good feeling to have that happen I can't wait to give someone else the same feeling! It's the small things in life that we overlook and take for granted, we shouldn't. Think about the good things that would happen in your life when you do good by other people and strangers at that!! I think anyone reading this should try it and see how it works out for you!